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In developing dating sites, I built the social network for them from ground up; I’ve built all our sites from the ground up while working with a team of programmers in India, Ukraine, and Romania.

My team was spread out across the world, but it’s very different in comparison to what I’m doing in this industry.

So, we started sponsoring MMA fighters and that’s been wonderful for us. When I was 18 years old, I went to the Fire Walk and it completely transformed my way of thinking.

A lot of athletes become addicted to painkillers and our products are helping them get off of those. I haven’t seen a single negative thing come from what we’re doing. He taught me how you could use the mind to get what you want in this reality that we live in.

At that time, I was preoccupied developing dating sites, online personals, and e-commerce businesses and although this opportunity piqued my interest, it seemed like it was still a little too early for me to join.

My lawyer was completely against it and my dad thought I was going to become a drug dealer, so I let the idea go.


It takes someone who is fearless because if everyone was scared, there would be no progress.

It was actually just recently that I came across a couple of MMA fighters that had tried our product and were big fans of it. Aside from him, Steve Jobs was another great mentor for me.

We realized that our CBD and our high THC products were replacing the Vicodin, Xanax, and various painkillers that they’d been taking after the fights. I’ve read a lot of his books and followed a lot of the things that he did. Just the fact that we can help people: That’s really what it comes down to, that we’re doing something good.

What other industry might you compare the ‘green rush’ to and why?


In some aspects, you can compare it to the dot com era [the boom] back in 1998.Even though dating sites were great and I went to a lot of weddings because people were meeting their partners on the sites, I felt like this was the future, especially with everything I was reading about pertaining to the cannabinoids, CBD and THC, and what it’s doing for people’s health. I felt like it was my true calling is to be able to help people. Due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement I signed when I sold my dating websites, I’m unable to discuss that part of my career in particular, but I can tell you that we did marketing with my other company for numerous fortune 500 companies, like Burger King, so that’s an expertise of mine.



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    Heavier people almost always do better in “real life” than online. Should 988 men feel rejected because you didn’t initiate contact? If no one’s WRITING to you, however, there is something to think about.

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    Will they think ill of me as a bad woman who has two kids and go out with men?

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    This way, it will be easier to choose who you want to talk to.

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    Clique no "interruptor" para ativar o Flash para o seu navegador.

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    I frequently try to warn parents about their teen becoming a victim, but should I also do something for parents whose teen is the catfisher?

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