Windows 98 webpage keeps updating

Makes a systray icon which goes from green bars, to yellow, then finally to red.

This allows to save things and do a reboot in time. These two Flash Players allow one to watch You Tube with a faster computer. Mozilla 5, and above, and the other advanced version of Opera, Sea Monkey above w/ Flash Player 10.3 and above does not give you the "Your browser is no longer supported by You Tube," message.

Another older computer I have is a IBM Thinkpad 390E/365 Mhz/160 MB RAMWith an older Pentium II processor a computer is not able to us Flash Player 10.3, that is according to Kernel Ex Wiki, and tested correct.

I had to uninstall Flash Player 10.3, however, I installed Flash Player 10.1.

The latest version of Firefox which will run on Windows 98/98SE/ME is Firefox (Firefox 3 requires Windows XP or later).

However, it is possible to patch Windows 98/98SE/ME to run programs which require Windows XP, such as Firefox 3 or IE7, by installing the program Kernel Ex (the Kernel extender). Kernel Ex is a free Open Source compatibility layer which allows the running of Windows 2000/XP applications on Windows 98/ME by using custom API libraries that implement (or simulate) functions and procedures needed by Win XP programs.


K-Meleon - Some script errors, but will run You Tube videos fine. Netscape 9 - About the same experience as K-Meleon. Firefox 2.0 - Cannot use You Tube, Flash Player, but made for Windows 98, and SOLID for searches.

It has been over 6 years since you posted that, and personally, I'd love to find an actual answer, but people like you pushing that nonsense without actually thinking about why someone would actually want or need a Windows 9x era OS makes that process difficult.

I have a Windows 10 computer that ranked in the top percent of all computers, but I want to run Windows 9x in a virtual machine in order to run depreciated software inside a safe sandbox.

What is the relation between and the OP's request for an older browser for his Windows 98 system? Is that an order, a suggestion, or are you just spamming ? Mark Windows 98/98SE/ME can only run the original release of Internet Explorer 6 (sometimes called Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1).


The Service Pack 2 release of IE6 requires Windows XP or later.

group_id=255038&package_id=312287ok guys yesterday I ran acoss an emachine in new shape had windows me after i added ram I could not find a decent browser to upgrade it.


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