Whos dating the jonas brothers


Eagle-eyed fans have speculated that the two were seeing each other, with a Twitter user pointing out that Jonas had posted a picture of Fowler when they were both in London.

Another referenced the model singing along to Jonas’ song on her Instagram story.

" Nick's niece Alena asked in a surprise video clip. On Sunday morning, the former Jonas Brothers member posted a throwback photo from 10 years ago to prove just how fast time flies.

The singer couldn't help but share a photo of brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas on the red carpet before performing "SOS." Once a Jo Bros. Looking ahead, there is plenty of new music on the horizon that fans can look forward to.

If so, a concertgoer named Anne Charlotte, who spoke to , has the following pertinent information for you.“They were really close together,” Charlotte said.

“I didn’t look very often because I was seated more in front of the room.


That doesn’t mean there aren’t complicated moments, but we’re in a good place and wish the best for each other.For a complete list of Lovato and Jonas’ Future Now tour dates, click here.



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    (Okay, they only look like they're laughing, but it's a convincing look.) What we do see from our saddles are many smaller miracles.

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