Who is tiffany alvord dating


She now takes up tours and also performs live in many countries and continents.

She has been covered by various online publication and prints including Ora TV, Alternative Press and many others. This clearly shows that she is very close to her parents. As Alvord got strong social presence with a fan following more than 2.6 million on Facebook and over 350 thousand on Twitter.

She is cat person who loves a cat and scared of the dark.

She confessed that she is a cookie girl she can’t resist cookies and her lucky number is 2.

Alvord had performed with Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, Train and PSY as part of the 2012 New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square on the Nivea stage.

She is very popular on social sites with over 500 million video views and over 2.9 million subscribers on You Tube.She published her first song on You Tube at the age of 15.



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