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Bakari Sellers is an outspoken and highly educated black American lawyer. But there is so much to learn about this handsome lawyer. Sellers, called as Bakari Sellers is an American lawyer and politician who served South Carolina’s 90th district in the lower house of the state legislature – a post he held for 8 years. Bakari has also served as the first vice-chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party before quitting for Lieutenant Governorship aspiration but lost in the election. Bakari’ was born on September 18, 1984, in Denmark, South Carolina to parents Gwendolyn Sellers and Cleveland Sellers (civil rights activist and Cleveland Sellers was a professor). Part of the reasons he became a well-known prominent African-American Zionist, where he had written a letter signed by 60 fellow African-American politicians asking the Democratic Platform Committee to maintain the same language. Bakari Seller has received several honours and awards by various organizations and magazines.

Bakari’s wife Ellen Rucker Seller is a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine.

Shpracticeded in the hometown of Lancaster, South Carolina over a decade before taking a leave to grow her own hair business, Rucker Roots with her sister.

She is also passionate about runways and wishes to be a fashion model.

Read Also: Lucas Neff Married, Wife, Net Worth, Body Measurements, Wiki, Bio Sellers is quite a tall man. There is no concrete information about his other body measurements, but apparently, his body fits perfectly with his towering height.



If we did it for too much time, the Tiffany, the trainer, would say, ‘I gotta take him outside and teach him something more exciting and exercise his brain a little!

Follow him to catch up with his new engagements and developments.



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