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more While You Were Sweeping There are people who go all crazybiscuits if you don't immediately email them back -- confusing the ability to reply nearly instantly with a mandate to do that.Still, there's a middle ground between frantically responding to every message and taking so long that somebody sends the cops around to peer in the windows for a body." is like asking, "Is pro basketball a viable career?



Basically, he's the chubby baby version of the maniac hunting people down with a crossbow...

more The Great Wall Of Vagina Men aren't used to women being preoccupied with their girlparts.



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    Andrew feels less lonely now and feels that, maybe when the time is right, he might just meet up with one or two of the women he has spoken to.

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    The field will be limited to the 48 entrants with the lowest USGA Handicap Indexes at the entry deadline.

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    Dr Simpson was apparently elated to discover Harrow School had not been chosen.

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    Instead go into every new interaction you have with women expecting nothing in return.

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