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Today, the best of individuals in either Christianity or Judaism might rate at 2.

On the other hand, someone like the prophet Daniel might rate around 8 , Moses and Elijah 9, and Yeshua 10.

This attitude found its legitimacy in replacement-theology. In an age when the world is on the fast track to destruction, many preachers, priests, and rabbis, are calling their flocks to return to the older principles of a few generations ago. We need to return to the teachings that Yeshua left with the men he had trained for over three years.

This arrogant and obnoxious doctrine could not be further from the truth. His doctrine was unquestionably the purest Judaism.


As the title suggests, the teachings of Yeshua and that of Paul, the supposed apostle, are not at all compatible with each other.In my book, I show how after his conversion experience, Paul continued to be in severe error in his understanding of God and Yeshua's teachings and mission.



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