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But for the first time in the franchise's 15-year history, an incident fueled by on-set drinking has led to both public scrutiny and reports of internal policy changes regarding alcohol and sexual behavior.On June 4, the first day of filming on “Paradise’s” fourth season at the Playa Escondida resort, a male and female contestant got drunk and had an encounter in the pool that the male said in a televised interview involved a sexual act. released a statement announcing production had been suspended while it investigated claims of alleged misconduct.The contract stated that the producer has not “requested” or “encouraged” it, so “physical, sexual, mental and emotional health and wellbeing risks” are assumed by the contestant.After agreeing to such a thorough contract, many “Bachelor” contestants willingly shoulder the responsibility for their outlandish behavior on the show.Olympios said in a statement to The Times on Thursday that she was “happy” about the changes on the show.In the statement, she said her legal team had completed its investigation to her “satisfaction” and that she had no complaints about the production.Heavy drinking is not uncommon on the “Bachelor” shows, with contestants sometimes becoming so intoxicated that they see the extent of their behavior only when it eventually airs on national television.



The show has a tongue-in-cheek tone, even using the love theme from “Footloose,” Mike Reno and Ann Wilson's “Almost Paradise,” over the cheesy opening credits.“Bachelor in Paradise,” which typically airs during August, has proved to be a solid ratings draw during an otherwise slow television period.

Different reality shows have varying approaches toward alcohol. ” — a dating show filled with plenty of drinking and sex of its own — every bottle of liquor that comes onto set is accounted for.“We monitor our alcohol very closely,” said that show’s executive producer Scott Jeffress, who previously served as co-E. on “The Bachelor.” “We monitor the sound and know how many drinks they’ve all had, so if somebody is getting too loaded we can take them back and lay them down.

It’s honestly a difficult thing to monitor, and it can be a gray area — but we err on the side of caution.”“It is a really gray line,” agreed producer Michael Carroll, who worked on nine seasons of “The Bachelor” before moving on to shows like “Top Chef” and “America’s Next Top Model.” “It’s a very tricky situation because most of the time you’re signing up to craft some kind of interesting story — and you get that from getting close to a moral line.

Also, alcohol loosened him up — he wanted to be liked by his new cast mates, and when he drank, he felt like he was instantly funnier.“Plus, when you’re filming the show, you have this adrenaline pump of being on TV, so you can drink more and are still capable of walking and talking,” Johnson, 29, explained.

“There are points of time on the show where you’re still conscious, where in the real world, you would have been asleep somewhere 10 hours earlier.”But no one on the production team put Johnson to bed.

When it premiered in 2014, “Paradise” seemed like the perfect frothy summer filler for ABC.



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    “Two minutes after seeing everybody, you feel like no time has passed,” Chasez told Ryan Seacrest then, of getting the band back together. “Everybody would ask us, ‘When are you guys going to do something? Singles like “Sexy Back,” “My Love” and “What Goes Around…

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