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One of the titles of the Perumpidugu Muttaraiyar was Lord of Tanjore. Webmaster DT:22/12/2005 go TOP Perumpidugu Mutharaiyar was a great king of Tanjore and belonged to Muthuraja / Mudiraja community. It is believed that Kuvavan was brought from throws ample light on the common racial and professional origins of Mutharayars and Cholas. The connectivity between Mutharayars and the Cholas of South India. The connectivity between Tamil Muthuraj and Telugu Mudiraj. The connectivity between Telugu Cholas and Tamil Cholas. There stands a statue of Kuvavan Mutharayar in the form of Twara Balaga ( Dwara Palaka = Gate keeper = Security guard) on the right side of temple door. At that time his father was on the seat of power in Renadu. That is why the Dwara Palaka on left entrace is seen without crown. It is believed that the pallava strategy and support to cholas made it possible for Vijayala Chola to dislodge the Muttarayars from the seat of Tanjavore. Velirs and Muttarayars used to shift their loyalties from Pallavas to and Pandyas to Pallavas depending on the political power & situation from time to time.

The elder brother Kuvavan honoured his younger brother for his love and faithful services by installing his statue along with him as Dwara Palaka in Thirumaiyam temple in Pudukottai Temple.

They became a separate community as cultivators as the political and ruling power shifted to zamindars having ownership over large tracts of lands spreading over hundreds and thousands of villages. Marpidugu was also the surname of the Telugu-Chola king Punyakumara . The fact that the people of Mudiraj community in Telangana region are also known as people of TENUGU caste.



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