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I made them touch one another, and then began to explore their bodies. I was just so sick and tired of them arguing all the time. This clip includes: Leilani Lei, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, mom/son, brother/sister, fighting family, magic watch, time stop, son freezes them, posing and manipulating limps, unfreezing, confusion and embarrassment, clit rubbing, pussy licking/eating, groping, ass smacking, fucking mom and sister, doggystyle, creampie, remaining frozen, wide and unblinking eyes, head tilting, sound fx Category: REAL DOLL, FREEZE, MAGIC CONTROL, TABOO, TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES, TRANSFORMATION FETISH, mom, son, sister, brother, family, freeze, unfreeze, time stop, frozen, mannequin, real doll, statue, magic watch, transforming into dol File info: Duration: Format: 1280x720 / avi Size: 864 MB - Full Training Session File info: Duration: Format: 1280x720 / mp4 Size: 798 MB Watson - Remote Control Tiffany's new neighbor is quite the techie.I would occasionally unfreeze them just to watch them panic at their nudity, but would always freeze them just moments later. He's dropped by to test out his new remote control.If things get awkward, they can always rewind the encounter and try again.File info: Duration: Format: 1280x720 / mp4 Size: 421 MB Cat's Eye Diamond V - Christina Carter This smoking hot super-heroine fetish parody stars Christina Carter as Black Cat, Aaliyah Love as Dagger, Shyla Jennings as White Tiger, Randy Moore as Hell Cat.Her admirer places a mind control helmet on her head to ensure that her mind is open and fully receptive to the hypnotic programming.Nyxon becomes known to herself only as "Nyxon-Bot".lol; but then I ask her her name, and she thinks again and eventually says vanessa.. Then she's put into a training state, limp and lifeless as I pose her a bit.




Then I bring her out, and have her stand up as she is frozen as posed..

Vanessa Cage (Part 1) / Hypnop1mp Part One : Programming The intial programming of vanessa cage.


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