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The second one was successfully completed and the same command resulted in v.0.10.22.

For Windows users, simply go to the ( website and download the latest version (8.6.0 as of 09/29/2017).

Here is a simple example that copies the binary files from all 4 sections (main, restricted, universe and multiverse) as well as the latest bug fixes.

# apt-mirror configuration file ## ## The default configuration options (uncomment and change to override) ## # set base_path /tmp/ubuntumirror # ## Repositories to copy from - ## use a mirror so you don't overload the main server!!!

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Visit Stack Exchange Check out Keryx; it's an offline repository manager. It lets you download updates and new programs (with dependencies) to your flash drive.

As long as you use the same base system media, yes.

If you're deploying an office, and you want a quick and simple way to add something, then this becomes very helpful.

It couldn't be any simpler honestly, and without involvement of any third-party stuff.

Once you have downloaded all the files, You can now create a CD/DVD rom or ISO file which can you use to install the software you have downloaded in your offline PC. Run aptoncd Click Create Click Burn and set options then Apply Burn it or save it Note that aptoncd only backs up things in the current apt-cache.


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