Updating url icon


You can use your brand’s logo as your site icon or favicon.

The recommended size for your site icon image is at least 512 pixels in both width and height.

However, it also improves your site’s usability and user experience.

This image will help you understand it better: Most users usually have many tabs open in their browser window.

In this article, we will show you how to add a favicon to your Word Press blog.

As we mentioned earlier that it establishes your website’s identity.


We recommend using an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp to create a site icon of exactly 512×512 pixels.This increases your brand recognition and helps you build trust among your audiences.In our article about most common Word Press mistakes, not adding a favicon was among the top 25.If your theme does not have a file, or you can not find it, then don’t worry we have a plugin for you.

Microsoft as released an OPTIONAL (you must enable it in Windows Update,or obtain it from their website).

Favicon or Site Icon is the tiny image that appear next to your website title in the browser.



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