Updating software on mac


Mac Kiev is promising an update, and it can’t occur soon enough.Biggest Pro: Syncing Biggest Con: Syncing My biggest complaint when I was using FTM was that if installed on my desktop Mac and synch’d to my online tree, there was no way to really use another copy of the program on my laptop, such as when I travel or am at the library.I’m not sure if it is any better on a Windows computer, but this is awful.It is not easy to to see all the children from one set of parents and it is not easy to find the different views to print out, I’m going to look for another app. Help is best part of useless I upgraded to FTM3 early this year b/c they said it could be run on more than one computer and I take my lap top with me on most all research field trips.THEN, very shortly thereafter we were abruptly told that they would be discontinuing FTM at the end of 2016.Trust me, I never would have spent the money to upgrade had I known either of these things b/c, bottom line, I have always found FTM inherently counterintuitive and difficult to use.


The sync caused the transfer of records to duplicate each record to sometime duplicate as many as 75 extras for every document.BUT, when I went to sync my lap top to Ancestry.com, I was told that I could only sync one computer to Ancestry!



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