Updating sd card reader on pc

Devices with multiple layers of complex software such as the Stream may become unresponsive if a software lock occurs. Note that the DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection built into the book cartridge will also be copied to the SD meaning the copy function will not remove the need for your player to be authorized to play NLS books. You will hear two beeps indicating the player is powering Off. 91.8 Transferring Files Between Your PC and Stream. If the last book read is not present, it will select the first available book present on the SD card. If the player is powered on with both an SD card and USB source present, the system will scan the SD card first and will select the last book played.When the ball on the left becomes gray,it means this item has been closed in the game.About VICTOR READER STREAM Human Ware thanks the CNIB Library for assisting with the production of this User Guide.©Copyright 2007. This User Guide is protected by copyright belonging to Human Ware, with all rights reserved. 61.2.1 Front Face of the Player 61.2.2 Left Side of the Player 61.2.3 Right Side of the Player 61.2.4 Top Edge of the Player 61.2.5 Back side of the Player (Battery Compartment) 61.2.6 USB Cartridge Holder (optional) 71.3 Power Button. The Stream recognizes various book types which are saved in separate folder structures called Bookshelves.Downloadplay enable:clicking the ball on the left of"Downloadplay enable",you can enable downloadplay when the ball becomes green.

When the ball on the left becomes green,it means this item has been opened in the game.

Please contact your local library for more information on NLS service eligibility.

In order for the Stream to be authorized the user must be eligible for NLS service and be registered by their local library.

If you prefer to read the NLS book from the SD card then you can use key 3 to copy the book from the NLS cartridge to the DTB bookshelf of your SD card.

This will release the fastening claps and allow you to remove the cartridge holder.

To insert and remove the SD card follow these steps:- Hold the player facing you.



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