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The game also has elements from Bruce Lee’s Game of Death movie, as it focuses on the player fighting his way up a five story “Devil’s Temple” with each floor being more challenging than the last.

The gameplay was very simplistic by modern genre standards, allowing players to punch, kick, jump and crouch.

Getting through an arcade beat’em up using only one credit is as popular a challenge among hardcore gamers as it is in the shoot’em up genre.

The Beat’em up genre initially flourished in arcades and went on to find success on home consoles as well.

However, like many games rooted in the arcades, the depth comes from getting high scores or the challenge of attempting to complete the game in one credit.

Repetition is an oft-used complaint regarding this genre as well, though there are many examples of beat’em ups that offer a lot of variety in play through deep combo systems similar to fighting games, playable characters with different combat style, a variety of weapon use, clever level designs, environmental hazards that can be used for or against the players, bonus games and even gameplay elements borrowed from role-playing games.



The earliest beat’em ups owe a lot to early Hong Kong cinema as seen in the Kung Fu Master arcade game.

In fact, much later in the genre’s history Rockstar decided to make a beat’em up game based on this classic movie.

Popular movies, comic books and cartoons of the late eighties and early nineties would form the basis for many beat’em ups.

Beat’em ups and fighting games were a regular fixture of arcades in the late eighties and early nineties and both genres had a large output on home consoles in the 16-bit era as well.


In fact, in can be argued that beat’em ups, fighting games and platformers were the most prominent genres of the 16-bit era.The beat’em up genre is also well known for offering co-op gameplay for 2-4 players, which for some people is a big part of the genre’s appeal.



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