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I am proud to announce the release of Tactical Battlefield (Tac BF).

This mod introduces new Team vs Team (aka Player vs Player) game play features to Arma 3 with gritty new game modes, missions within a standardised environment and consistent rules.

After all, it’s a conflict fought over a century ago and one best known for its trench-based stalemate warfare.

I, among others, didn’t think battles from 100 years ago would have enough depth or action to keep players engaged. ditches the fancy modern tech of its forebears and strips everything back to basics.

What are the upcoming plans for Tactical Battlefield?

Prepare next mission pack, enhance existing plus introduce new systems and features, finalise Commander System integration, introduce new game modes, add support for ACRE, ACE, All in Arma and 3rd party addons, plus more. For more information please visit the new AI server seeding feature, it seems you can only activate it while there are 2 or less players on the server, (which represents the typical debug mode and hence when the server is fuller, the Admin menu is hidden as a precaution).

comes as an incredibly refreshing experience, and I can see myself sinking even more hours into its World War One battles in the near future.



Explosions and bullet traces are phenomenal, frequently filling your screen with near-deafening audio cracks and bright flashes of light.

Get caught up in one too many explosions, or have to duck down into muddy cover and your gun will be filthy once you emerge.

You’ll always be reminded of the horrors of war too, with distant blood-curdling screams and soldiers flailing around in agony.

Tactical Battlefield takes teamwork and tactics to a new level.

Tac BF has been under development on different versions of the ARMA engine for around 7 years and is brought to you by me (Dr Eyeball) and Wormeaten, with the support of 12and the Regiment of the Grenadier Guards [RGG] Arma communities.Pair that with your bottomless supply of shell casings to distract enemies with and it just comes across as a bit silly and tacked-on, with an experience pretty much copied and pasted from campaign.



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