Updating an old bathroom


If you don’t have a strong password and don’t set up 2-step verification, it’s just a matter of time before your e-mail gets hacked because the bad guys have programs that can try out a gazillion passwords in minutes to brute force their way into your e-mail account.

Here’s a video with more info about 2-step verification: 2-Step Verification Video.

Michael moved the mirrors you see here to another location in the home since she has different plans for the mirrors in this space. The color is “Macadamia” and she said “it has a green base, and it did muffle the orange elements in the tile.” About the paint color she said, “In person, it looks passable, but a little “off.

The floor tiles aren’t quite so orange in real life. Michael said, ” In some places, like next to the tub, the paint is almost too matchy-matchy.

Michael fell in love with the sconces and mirror you see below at Restoration Hardware.

Michael said, “I’ve ordered a wooden mirror from Restoration Hardware and two rather big sconces.” Michael added, “I think the sconces are going to be too big.



What would you do in this bathroom based on her inspiration pics above. Add a creamy white mirror and paint the vanities cream. *Have the carpenter build a divider between the tub and the vanity.

If you missed the previous post showing the “Before” and the plans for the exterior, you’ll find it here: A Dramatic Porch Renovation Michael is currently working on the master bath and she is facing some tough decisions.

I told her you guys are awesome at making suggestions and that we would help her brain-storm the problems she has run into during her renovation.

If you haven’t already, I highly, highly, highly and highly a hundred times more, recommend you turn on 2-step verification for your Gmail account. If you are a blogger and you blog on Blogger, you especially need to set up 2-step verification because word on the street is if your Gmail account gets hacked, Blogger shuts down your blog, too…I guess because they are all connected via Google.


Save your friends from a virus originating from your Gmail account by using 2-step verification.The renovations on the outside are getting close to being finished…just needs shutters, a new window above the porch and a few final touches.



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