Updating a registry key via command line

You typically use the "Registry Editor" to modify the database when you need to fix an issue, enable a secret feature, or improve a particular functionality.

However, you probably may not know that Windows 10, similar to previous versions, includes reg.exe, which is a command-line tool that allows you also to edit the Registry using Command Prompt.

For Windows, you can turn some features off during installation.

For a list of these features, see Installer properties in the Deploy Tableau Desktop article.

Some quirk with the way runkbot invokes the command I suppose.

It may even be working correctly in the latest agent, but because of past experiences, I just got into a habit of using instead of the direct exe for a command line util.

Did you know that you can use Command Prompt to edit the Registry?

In this guide, we'll teach you to use the tool to modify the Registry on Windows 10. It's the database that stores the most important settings that help the operating system and certain applications to work.

Customize the Citrix Receiver installer by specifying command line options.

Another possible reason is script or batch usage to perform operations like adding or deleting keys regularly by simply executing a batch file on the computer system.



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