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Designs include the standard design that incorporates a DB25 connector on the PCB for programming.The earliest versions you had to remove the chip and program with a separate programmer.

Atmega daughter board A device made for some AVR’s with socketed 8515 chips.Automatic Gain Control (AGC)A circuit which automatically controls the gain of an amplifier so that the output signal level is virtually constant for varying input signal levels. Basically this is a PCB with a chip mounted that you can program to receive programming.The AVR is inserted into the slot of the receiver where the Smart Card usually goes. Designations can range from the AVR1 to AVR6 or more.Not 100% effective but worth a try if you have a looped card.

There are newer versions of programs to unloop cards search for the updated version. Audio Subcarrier The carrier between 5 MHz and 8 MHz containing audio (or voice) information inside of a video carrier.

Analog-to-Digital Conversion (ADC)Process of converting analog signals to a digital representation. ANIKThe Canadian domestic satellite system that transmits Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's(CSC) network feeds throughout the country. Antenna A device for transmitting and receiving radio waves.


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