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Pricey Harrison, D-Guilford, who was one of the first to question the aquarium project."He questions every thing in the budget that smells of pork." Harrison called the aquarium a boondoggle and said the state needs to better fund existing locations if it has money to build a new one.That Millis worked to include the project in the budget took some of his colleagues by surprise."This is just so out of character for him," said Rep."Yes, it would be good for my community, for my project.The overriding idea is to build something good for Pender County." Millis has said he wanted only to study the idea, not authorize architectural work, as the legislature did in his absence Thursday. Bill Rabon, who also represents the area and holds sway as chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, said the language needed clarification so the project could move forward.


Lattimore said Friday there was no collaboration on the department's end.

— Questions surround a proposed state aquarium that would help anchor a private development in Pender County.

The state department that runs aquariums says it has almost no information about the project.

At least one legislator who said he was concerned with the aquarium language also said he voted for it because he favored other parts of the bill.

"It had all the Christmas ornaments in the world hung on the bill," Willetts said."I don't know if it's going to be a purchase," he said.


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