Thirtysomething dating site

An open attitude helps Mubarakah deal with misconceptions.

"If people don't understand, I just try to be very personable with it," she says.

"Most workout outfits are either short sleeved or too tight." She modifies her clothes by adding length to sleeves and hems, taking care to look cute at the same time.

"I try to at least look like I'm matching and I have some kind of style," she says.

"I would think they would find it more unusual if I walked into the picture not having anything.

But I think after 35 years of living, working, and being driven, I should have something to show for it." De Chane also thinks that men make assumptions about single women in their 30s.


It's really more being who you are and having a happy life."Having an education, a house, a job does not make me intimidating.It just makes me an adult living an adult life." She finds it ironic that her achievements may turn men off."I'm probably going to investigate an anonymous donor and do it artificially...

I want it to be my own biological child," she says. C., also struggles with the 30-something single scene. "None of my female friends have ever said I'm intimidating," she says.

"I'm very open as far as questions." Commitment to her religion requires Mubarakah to pray five times daily, whether she's working with a client, at the movies, or in her living room.


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