The no nonsense guide to dating women

This football-like ritual made sense when women could not vote, get credit, own property, or be president of Brown University or CEO of Xerox. The beauty of a football metaphor is that it perfectly illustrates the In the past week, I spoke with two women, highly accomplished and educated women, who told me they both love and insist on men pursuing them.

Their explanations were similar, representative of nonsense Ive heard many times before, and in this vein: the chase makes them feel special and desirable.

In my recent article, Five Myths About Women, the first stupid myth I shattered, one weve all grown up with, is that women do not like or need sex as much as men do. But, for the nave believers, this myth powerfully drives a lot of male and female behavior and is, therefore, a key factor in unilateral pursuit.

Namely, it makes men think they have to crawl through broken glass to have sex with women, and it allows women to manipulate men into spending money and jumping through ridiculous hoops to get the sex. What typically happens in a dance based on unilateral pursuit is that, at some juncture, the woman decides she wants it officially to become a relationship. The die is already cast, the dynamic already established.


This book helps you: know, an hour after meeting her, whether she's right for you; know whether women are attracted to you - or to what you can do for them; understand how her socialisation drives you nuts; and how your socialisation drives her nuts.If they lower themselves to approaching and chasing men, they will lose all vestiges of their prized femininity. They will no longer be the apples high in the tree, just beyond reach, where only skilled ladder-climbers can hope to get them.


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