Sporepedia not updating

Go to the Spore directory: In Windows XP \Documents and Settings\(Username)\Application Data\SPORE\Preferences\ In Vista \Users\(Username)\App Data\Roaming\SPORE\Preferences\ The Application Data directory may be hidden.

To display hidden files: In the menu Tools-View check “Show Hidden Files and Folders” Mac: Users\User Name\Library\Preferences\SPORE Preferences\p_drive\User\Application Data\Spore\Preferences\ If you have tried the above fixes and are still unable to install the patch you may need to uninstall Spore and reinstall and then try patching again. p_faqid=20401 If you have tried to fix your problem with the above steps and have not had success please post in this thread, including a list of all steps you have already taken to resolve your problem and the exact error message you are receiving. We’ve added the ability to make your creations asymmetric in the editors!

Please do not use ctrl-alt-del to end the Spore game while this process is running, just allow it to run for as long as it may take.

This is a one time process and will not happen when you launch Spore the next time if it is allowed to complete.

I haven’t edited the adventure since installing patch 5. I tried to fix it after patching and the latest version of my adventure was saved after installing patch 5. A: Any version you saved after installing patch 5 will may now have incorrectly oriented buildings/objects near water.

To correct the issue, open your adventure in edit mode after installing patch 5.1 and fix the angle of these objects.


The patch is usually available for direct download from third party websites within a few days of being released to the public, this page will be updated soon with direct download links.Instead, simply have EADM installed on your computer and launch Spore.Spore automatically launches EADM and while both are running the game will ask if you want to proceed with downloading and installing the patch.I don’t know of a workaround other than uninstalling and reinstalling to the default location. DLL Error Some users of Windows 2000 have reported receiving an IMM32error when trying to launch Spore after patching.

Unfortunately Windows 2000 is not a supported O/S for Spore and it may not work correctly.How can I download the patch using EA Download Manager EADM?



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