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AT&T made no mention of the FCC in its announcement, crediting the change instead to a routine examination of its policies."IPhone is an innovative device that dramatically changed the game in wireless when it was introduced just two years ago," said Ralph de la Vega, AT&T's president of Mobility & Consumer Markets."Today's decision was made after evaluating our customers' expectations and use of the device compared to dozens of others we offer."Apple and AT&T had a secret agreement to ban apps that would let i Phone users make phone calls using the wireless data connection, a fact that was revealed this summer when the FCC asked the duo to explain why Google's innovative Voice app was rejected for the i Phone store.So for instance, Skype, the world's most popular phone service, had to cripple its application so that it would only work when an i Phone was using Wi-Fi.Skype users can call each other for free, and Skype international calls are substantially cheaper than ones placed through a traditional carrier.Finally, Skype, like a good successor to Messenger, lets you chat with your friends regardless of the service they're using, whether Skype, Messenger or Facebook.Using Skype isn't difficult, as long as you limit yourself to the basics.AT&T denied it had anything to do with blocking the Google Voice i Phone app, which, unlike Skype, uses the minutes on a cellphone plan – though it does offer cheap international calls and free conference calling, among other features.For its part, Apple says it never even rejected Google Voice – it's just still studying it to make sure it doesn't confuse users.


In addition, Skype lets you call regular telephone numbers worldwide at a reduced rate, which is then deducted from your balance.

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