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In a damning report published earlier this month, it revealed reckless banks are failing to carry out basic checks on new customers' debts before offering them more loans and credit cards.The Bank said many of the biggest lenders have no idea how much debt existing borrowers have racked up, and whether they could cope if mortgage repayments rise.Default rates on credit cards are expected to get even worse over the summer.According to the Bank of England's latest Credit Conditions Survey, 24.4 per cent more lenders reported default rates on credit cards rising rather than falling over the last three months.Former pensions minister Baroness Altmann said: 'This rise in default rates on loans and credit cards is another siren warning of trouble ahead for over-indebted consumers.


“Duel” hits the road- and your TV screen- tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings (or com) for the channel and time in your viewing area.In the diner, a glance out the window reveals the truck parked outside- and David is getting paranoid that his truck-driving adversary is right in the diner with him!After an uncomfortable encounter, but no definite i.d., he gets back on the road- only to find the tanker waiting for him- and the chase is on, with David in need of more than simple defensive driving to escape the monstrous eight-wheeler ready to deal mechanized death!Our Chicago audience gets a second look at the classic monster mash-up “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” at 11am on our sister station, WCIU, the U!

Speaking of Chicago, our home base, we send our congratulations to the Chicago Cubs and their fans- for finally finding that “next year”- is THIS year!

The deadly game of the two vehicles managing to pass each other escalates into a high speed chase, with the truck tailgating David and hitting his bumper.


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    Raftaar decides to marry Sara, telling his family and purchasing a cake, flowers and new clothes.

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