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Kermit, however, constantly rebuffed Piggy's feelings. Eventually, in the films, Kermit began returning her affections and even (unwittingly) marries her in The Muppets Take Manhattan.However, subsequent events suggest that the marriage was simply fictional.Victor Yerrid briefly performed Piggy in Muppets Ahoy! In Muppet Babies, Piggy's voice was provided by voice actress Laurie O'Brien.Voice actor Hal Rayle provided her voice for a short-lived spin-off series, Little Muppet Monsters.Jacobson has remained Piggy's principal performer since then, openly describing the role as "one of the most famous drag acts in the business." During Oz's tenure as the character, other performers would step in.Jerry Nelson performed Piggy in 1974 for a brief appearance on Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.


She had to enter beauty contests to survive, as many single women do.

") whenever she thinks someone has insulted or thwarted her.


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