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Once payment has been made, a turn-on order will be generated and a reconnection fee will be charged to the account. If you have any questions regarding disconnecting your service, please call; Customer Service at 973-340-4300, Monday through Friday, a.m. CHECK PROCESSING: A fee is charged for NSF checks which are returned to Passaic Valley Water Commission by your bank. Water bills are due upon receipt and are considered delinquent if not paid by the due date shown on the bill.

Passaic Valley Water Commission offers a variety of payment options.

To find out about Speakers Bureau topics and to schedule a presentation, call 973-340-4300.

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Water meters, owned and maintained by Passaic Valley Water Commission are read quarterly and monthly.

The property owner owns the service line, from the curb line to the point of use.

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Others cannot imagine such a scenario, and find it hard to masturbate during a tease and denial phone sex call for more than 10 or 20 minutes without having an orgasm.

Failure to receive a bill does not relieve a customer of liability for payment.If you prefer to pay by mail, send a check or money order (no cash) and include your statement.Please be sure to write your account number on the check or money order.Call our 24-hour Customer Care Line at 704-355-8363 to share comments or concerns about your experience.

Chat with us if you see the symbol – that means we're available and ready for you. To ensure the security of your personal information, do not use this form to provide or communicate specific health care or financial information.When your current bill is not paid within 30 days from the billing date printed on your bill, your account is subject to a 1% late charge every 30 days until any open balance is paid in full.


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