Serial number dating bear bow

Frankly any coin, could have been put in any bow, at any time, by any one, any where, in the world.

According to the "Coin Experts", 1959 is supposed to be copper and 1960 is supposed to be aluminum.

- underlays removed - Wade1959 70", 50# - 5VX26 - no underlays - Trap On 1959 Kodiak Specials, factory underlays are a layer of black marcata that was added to the belly side of the last 4" of the limb tips of some bows as shown below.

The term, "underlays", is collector jargon to describe this cosmetic feature in a single word.

The purpose of this list is to determine the order and frequency of this cosmetic feature.

--------------------"Real Sportsmanship is Fair Play" - Art Young"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects." - Will Rogers 1960 Kodiak Special Deluxe, Top 5 Bows1960 Kodiak Special, Middle 5 Bows1959 Kodiak Specials, Bottom 5 Bows Below1958 Kodiak Specials, Top 5 Bows, 70", 68", 66", 64", 62"1957 Kodiak Specials, Bottom 6 Bows, 70", 68", 66", 64", 62", 62 (bottom 62" has unusual sight window) Below1956 Kodiak Specials, Top 3 Bows, 68", 64", 60"1955 Kodiak Specials, Bottom 5 Bows, 68", 68", 64", 64", 60" (duplicate lengths, have unusual sight windows)Note different limb and riser shape of 60 bows Will get more photographs loaded later...


Figure we might as well just get the information on one thread so we will all have a good reference.--------------------"Real Sportsmanship is Fair Play" - Art Young"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects." - Will Rogers Bjorn - Thanks for sending the data on you 59 KS. I added them to the list which is shown on the third post from the top. I know some guys do put a lot of store in dating bows by the coins.

The coin is a little too small in the photograph to see the surface clearly.--------------------"Real Sportsmanship is Fair Play" - Art Young"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects." - Will Rogers Scott - Thanks for posting the data for your 59 KS. Rick - Cosmetic features such as coins are not reliable methods for dating bows. The 66" is the most common length of KS for that year. The 70" KSD is far less common and worth more as a collectible.

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The Kodiak Special De Luxe 1960 - 62, 64, 66, 68, 70 Clear glass over Zebrawood veneer laminations, flared riser inset under glass The Kodiak Special De Luxe was offered only in 1960.

Like the 19 Kodiak Specials, numerous laminated wood combinations were used in the risers.--------------------"Real Sportsmanship is Fair Play" - Art Young"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects." - Will Rogers 1961 1967 Kodiak Specials listed in Bear Catalogs 1961 63, 66, 69 Soft Green glass, Zebrawood Riser1962 63, 66, 69 Soft Green glass, Brazilian Rosewood Riser1963 63, 66, 69 White glass, Rosewood Caps, Bubinga Riser, Shelf in front of Caps 1964 63, 66, 69 White glass, Rosewood Caps, Bengal Wood Riser, Rounded Sight Window Corner1965 .66, 69 White glass, Brazilian Rosewood Caps, Brazilian Bubinga Riser, Scalloped Sight Window Corner1966 .


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