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And finally, more recent justifications include the potential for conflict between heterosexual and homosexual service members and possible "heterosexual resentment and hostility." Many countries have since revised these policies and allow gays and lesbians to openly serve in the military (e.g. There are currently 26 countries which allow gays and lesbians to serve and around 10 more countries that don't outwardly prohibit them from serving.

Physical, sexual, psychological (harassment, bullying) violence faced by LGBT is a fact of life for many LGBT identified persons.

Israel, for example, a country that otherwise struggles to implement LGBT-positive social policy, nevertheless has a military well known for its broad acceptance of openly gay soldiers.

History has seen societies that both embrace and shun openly gay service-members in the military.


They also shed light both on the routine discrimination, violence, and hardship faced by LGBT-identified soldiers, as well as arguments for and against a ban on their service.

Throughout history, there have been several cultures which have looked favorably on homosexual behavior in the military.

Perhaps the most well-known example is found in ancient Greece and Rome.

LGBT soldiers are often victims of verbal and physical violence and for the most part, commanders ignore the phenomenon.

SAPRO, the organization responsible for the oversight of Department of Defense (Do D - USA) sexual assault policy, produces the "Workplace and Gender Relations Survey of Active Duty Member (WGRA)": The 2012 report doesn't have any paragraph studying the specific situation of LGBT people. The specificity of the violence faced by LGBT people is not considered.

Originally, it was believed that gays were not physically able to serve effectively.


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