Sccm collection not updating hourglass


What would have been if all your collections were limited to ‘All Systems’?

Right, because of one new member ALL your collections would have been evaluated.

This will then completely reevaluate the collection memberships.

Speaking SQL it will execute a stored procedure on the database which will rebuild the view for that specific collection.

It’s not doing a full update, which means that it usually has less performance impact on your SQL box. It all depends on your use case and your environment. They had 900 collections configured for incremental updates. Looking at their gave me the following rough numbers: Cool :-) And after 5 minutes the component tried to run the next incremental update, where it wasn’t nearly finished with the first run, then after another 5 minutes the third and so on…I ended up creating a script which would turn the incremental updates off on those collections.

(big BUT, later…)The schedule on which this feature runs is configured per site, you can’t set it per collection. I’ve been to a customer which had problems with their Software Deployments. Microsoft gives you a bit of a guideline here on how many collections you should have this setting enabled: you enable the Use incremental updates for this collection option, this configuration might cause evaluation delays when you enable it for many collections.

So they are nothing more than groups of objects in your environment.



This option will also trigger a full update on your collection.It is now quite common for Config Mgr admins to no longer, “own,” their physical Config Mgr server.


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