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A lot of times those starts and stops are because you're working on a TV show or doing something that takes you away from stand-up.

But these starts and stops were all very emotional and were stops where I would go, "I can't imagine. They just do that so well and they encourage us to improvise, and I really love it.

Post that, she went to New York University, but dropped out. She played the role as Susan and also served as the co-producer.

Harris was like a son to me and a friend and also a completely inspiring peer — just one of the best writers that I've ever had the benefit of working with. I don't know if there are direct jokes, like that joke about God coming in your mouth?

Yeah, the last few legs of this tour, I got some — I'm not even that aware of it because I don't look at my mentions much or anything; I don't really understand Facebook — I got, I guess, some threats and calls to my manager's office and stuff and that made it so that they said you have to get metal detectors and security. I have to pay for myself, so it really cuts into — but I mean I'd rather be alive. Was that about the tweet you sent out that was interpreted as you calling for a military coup?


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