Rebecca and daniel dating

Everyone was fantastically happy and he's fantastically happy." The good thing about the wedding, which, it is understood, took place in the United States, was that the press had only discovered it afterwards, Ms Day-Lewis said.


He, the son of the late Poet Laureate Sir Cecil Day-Lewis, wed Rebecca Miller, the film-maker/actress daughter of Arthur Miller, arguably the greatest living American playwright. The 39-year-old actor notoriously loathes any intrusion into his privacy, although as one of Britain's great acting successes with an eye for some of the world's most beautiful women, he has always failed to quell the public probing.Rebecca has made a name for herself in film, too, thanks to writing and directing roles in movie adaptations of her written works: a short-story collection titled Personal Velocity and the novel The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, which became a film starring Robin Wright Penn, Blake Lively, Julianne Moore, and best supporting actor Oscar nominee Alan Arkin.


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