Pixel king sony when updating


The LG V30 focuses on so many different things than the LG-made Pixel 2 XL, and that's why I love Android. It has a unibody metal chassis, but a portion of the back is covered in glass, which is both a design and signal benefit, since Google doesn't have to break up the look with plastic antenna lines.

The V30 is a shiny slab of glass on the front and back, which supports wireless charging. The metal back is rendered slightly more tactile, and less slippery, thanks to a finish that can only be described as plasticky.

When I first picked it up I had to be reassured the phone was indeed aluminum — it feels more like the Nexus 5X than the original Pixel XL.

Of course, the V30 has two cameras, one 16MP sensor with a wide-angle lens, and a 13MP sensor with an extra wide-angle lens.

I just didn't want to give the damn phones back, them feeling so good and comfortable and right in my paw.

And that's what makes this comparison so interesting.Point it at a dog and (hopefully) find out the breed (it's a Great Dane).



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