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Or what about a day trip to the sunny beaches of Glenelg?It’s not hard to set the scene for love in Adelaide, whether you find someone from West Lakes or Norwood.It’s a beautiful coastal town and a perfect place to meet someone special.With south Australians coming from more than 120 different countries – one in five was born overseas – there is huge diversity of culture, which is great news for singles.With Passion Search it's not only a reality, but a very easily attainable goal.


With thousands of members connecting every hour on Passion Search, it's no wonder users have voted us #1 in online dating success.Studies coming out of Stanford University suggest that nearly 70% of online dating sites fade in popularity within the first year, causing their members to have to re-start their search somewhere new.At Passion Search, this is the problem that never was.Browse singles in your area while you're commuting to work, singles in your destination when you're at the airport, and singles in the block you're currently getting drinks on so you can guarantee yourself a great date before the night is done.

See the difference a great mobile dating site can make by registering with Passion Search tonight!Our reachers have been working for nearly a decade to find out what makes a profile stand out; what gives you the edge over others.


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    Together they form a crew of "misfit dancers" after Andie is rejected from 410.

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    Main character – Max, young guy who is living in poor family with mother and two sisters. To unlock this you need to punish both sisters several times.

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