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Cell Dim str Text As String Dim i As Long Dim j As Long Dim k As Long Dim l As Long For Each t Table In Active Document. ", "" Dim Font To Convert As New Font 'Convert Italic Font To Convert. Italic = True Convert Special Fonts Font To Convert, "_", "_" 'Convert Bold Font To Convert. Bold = True Convert Special Fonts Font To Convert, "*", "*" Convert URLs ' This has to be done before the Underline as URLs will also have underlines 'Convert Underline Font To Convert. Underline = True Convert Special Fonts Font To Convert, " ", " " 'Convert Strike Through Font To Convert. Strike Through = True Convert Special Fonts Font To Convert, "-", "-" 'Convert Superscript Font To Convert. Superscript = True Convert Special Fonts Font To Convert, "^", "^" 'Convert Subscript Font To Convert. Subscript = True Convert Special Fonts Font To Convert, "~", "~" 'Convert Courier New Font To Convert. Name = "Courier New" Convert Special Fonts Font To Convert, "" Convert Lists Convert Tables ' Copy to clipboard Active Document. Execute Replace:=wd Replace All End Sub Private Sub Convert Paragraph Style(style To Replace As Wd Builtin Style, _ pre Text As String, _ post Text As String) Dim normal Style As Style Set normal Style = Active Document. Style = normal Style End With Loop End With End Sub Private Sub Convert Special Fonts(Search Font As Font, str Before As String, str After As String) Active Document. Delete 'Rewrite table with memorized text my Range. -- , 27 January 2006 (UTC)Thanks for the fix, I have amended the above code with the changes. Insert Paragraph After Next t Table End Sub Subs (Convert Bold, Convert Italics, Convert Underline) will enter an infinite loop. Move End Until vb Cr End If ' Don't bother to markup newline characters (prevents a loop, as well) . Name = "Arial" End With Loop End With End Sub Private Sub Replace Special Chars() Selection.



Delete Next End Sub Private Sub Convert Lists() Dim para As Paragraph Dim i As Long For Each para In Active Document. Row must be an integer between 1 and the maximum for version of Excel you are using.Column must be a identifier (for example: "A", "IV", "XFD") or a number (for example: 1, 256, 16384) @user823911.Just noticed that I had my Lcases in the wrong place.

If the code worked you must have noticed my mistake and corrected it but sorry for any confusion. The only explanation I can offer on user823911's behalf is that the background information was the true answer. Row While i If you are simply looking for the occurrence of "Miami" or "Florida" inside a string (since you put * at both ends), it's probably better to use the In Str function instead of Like.Convert Microsoft Word document content to Media Wiki markup. Usage requires a running copy of Microsoft Word that supports Visual Basic macros. Word2Wiki is a compilation of various Visual Basic code I found lying around the internet. Screen Updating = True End Sub Private Sub Convert Paragraph Style(style To Replace As Wd Builtin Style, _ pre Text As String, _ post Text As String) Dim normal Style As Style Set normal Style = Active Document.


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