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Of course, they never intend to return the money and when it's time for them to pay back the money, they're suddenly uncontactable.The modalities in which I can cheat a person who I trust is multifaceted." Singapore's Commercial Affairs Department on the modus operandi of these scammers. Qv CBv O H— Sumisha Naidu (@Sumisha CNA) February 13, 2017 Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani, head of Commercial Crimes Department, Royal Malaysia Police said: "These people are very good with the way they are tickling the feelings, the emotions, the hearts of the potential victims.Thirty-four people have been arrested in various states, 13 of whom are Nigerians, according to the authorities on Monday (Feb 13).The scammers got to know their victims in Singapore and Malaysia through social media, usually under the pretext of entering a relationship.At some point along the way, the scammers would tell their victims they were sending them gifts or even coming to visit them.That was when things would go wrong - the victims would be asked to transfer money to bank accounts supposedly belonging to customs or immigration to secure the release of the gifts or the person themselves.

My attempt to “scam the scammer” started with a friend pointing out suspicious guys posting on Lovestruck, a paid-for dating site popular with professionals.He planned a Hong Kong business trip, supplying dental equipment to China, and would move here soon.Our banal chats dragged on for weeks, and I began to think he was for real. “They use their time wisely, to create a relationship of trust.” The international nature of cybercrime means scammers can operate from anywhere.Despite warnings, English-speaking women in Hong Kong continue to fall prey to online romance scams.

In January and February this year, fraudsters netted HK million from 24 female lonely hearts victims, according to the latest figures from the city’s Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB).In a joint operation in December 2016, police from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Nigeria busted a syndicate that had swindled 73 Hong Kong women out of HK million.


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