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Fonzie is shown once attempting to go back to school with Richie, but he later decides it just isn't for him and drops out again.

However, a few seasons later, Fonzie is secretly attending night school and ultimately earns his high school diploma. He later became an auto mechanic instructor at Jefferson High School and finally a full-fledged teacher. He always treats others with respect and sticks up for those who can't defend themselves.

Fonzie shares a very close relationship with his younger cousin Chachi.

They often had plots in the episodes together, especially after Richie left the show.

On the other hand, he often expects others to follow his example.

After Chachi accidentally burns down Arnold's, for example, Fonzie disciplines him severely for his carelessness in forgetting to shut off the kitchen grill and then tossing his apron onto the grill, even though other characters (including owner Al) understand it was just an accident.

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Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (better known as "Fonzie" or "The Fonz") is a fictional character played by Henry Winkler in the American sitcom Happy Days (1974–1984).

In a later episode, Fonzie unexpectedly meets a woman he believes is his mother in a diner.The only advice Fonzie remembered his father giving was "Don't go out in the rain in your socks." In the Season 6 episode "Christmas Time", a sailor delivers a Christmas present ostensibly from his father (played by Eddie Fontaine), who wishes to make amends.Fonzie is resentful, but at the end of the episode he opens his father's letter explaining why he left and reads it.Fonzie was able to be the older brother figure that Chachi needed in his life.

In having Chachi come to live and work with him, Fonzie grows too, becoming an overall better, more responsible and caring person. These are just a couple examples of Fonzie and Chachi's relationship.

In 1999 TV Guide ranked him number 4 on its 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list.



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