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Elphaba, a smart, fiery outcast born with emerald-green skin finds an unlikely friend in her college roommate Galinda, later Glinda -- the beautiful, popular blonde.

One of Broadway’s biggest blockbuster musicals, tv, Parker fine tunes her funny woman ways on stage as the sardonic, misunderstood Wicked Witch of the West.

It's visually and musically epic as well, which contributes to making Wicked a totally unique event. A: If I could choose to do anything would be going for a walk with my dachsund and my husband. I also perform improv at the Groundlings or UCB when I am in LA.

Mentally I like to do some yoga and/or meditation, or walk on the treadmill. It quiets my brain and warms me up at the same time. I give myself plenty of time because every day is different, sometimes it takes your body longer to get on board. Right before I run out for my first entrance it's just a reminder to stay focused. Q: How is your personality off stage similar to or different from your character on stage? I used humor all the time to get through awkward moments or to survive amongst the cliques, much like Elphie uses humor to deflect her pain or anger.

It's just a very enjoyable and special part of the show for me. My sister and I were always so excited and it was always a family event.

We made fresh popped popcorn every time and I was so happy when the opening credits would begin. The last time I did Wicked when I was in New York/Broadway, my husband got sent to the local grocery store for the same specific things so often that the checkout girls would ask,"When is she due?

It was so special, so that makes Wicked all the more special as well. " I have all sorts of supplements and elixirs that I superstitiously believe keep me well: Wellness Formula, Entertainer's Secret, a spray I use, vitamins etc. There are certain cast or crew members I check in with at the same time every show, and that keeps me going! It takes three people to do make-up, hair, and wardrobe, respectively.

Q: Walk us through the makeup and wardrobe transformation. The green is applied with what looks like a paintbrush, we do my face and hands, and there is lots of powder involved so I don't make everybody that I touch green!

There is most definitely competition in our industry, but it's not so in your face as it is on the show. But Smash portrays so many very real aspects of the business--the sacrifices, the disappointments, the rejection and the doubt, all of that is very real. What do you love about Southern California lifestyle? My sister went to UCSD and I used to visit her all the time.


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