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He did not bother with complicated sketches or plans--"I would just be down on the floor, shouting up to the painter," Mr. The original exterior brick was cream-colored with mottled gray streaks, typical of the period, but Mr. "We chemically cleaned it five or six times--maybe we burned it--but we finally gave up," he said. Halkias have been looking for architectural elements and artwork to replace what was lost. On the office bookshelf "Nightclub Tactics Today" shares space with "Renoir: His Life, Art and Letters." Much of the restoration work is done by an in-house staff that ranges in number from 30 up to 90 in the busy months. On a recent evening a party filled the ballroom, while in the beer hall, the groom at a wedding bent down to pull his wife"s garter off with his teeth, as relatives and friends laughed and shouted.


The original building was a typical late Victorian public hall--an entertainment complex combining assembly hall, theater, bar, restaurant and lodge rooms. Del Valle said that Prospect Hall had accommodated 3,000 people in its ballroom/theater alone and had served some 55,000 Brooklynites involved in amateur theater productions at the turn of the century, as well as thousands of others involved with political, social and fraternal clubs.In that year Michael and Alice Halkias, fresh from several real estate projects, bought the structure, optimistically renamed it Grand Prospect Hall and gradually reopened the rest of the building.


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