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The company later bumped security to prevent access to accounts.

Singapore government has been opening up user data access to ease information exchange and business transactions, but it should observe some caution as major organisations continue to slip up over security.

The new Gorilla Mobile for i Phone 4 is designed to take full advantage of the rich media features of the i Phone 4, including camera flash, front-facing camera, HDR and five times digital zoom.

The durable, polycarbonate plastic bumper case protects your i Phone from drops and the perils of everyday use while enhancing the functionality of the camera.

Apple implemented several ways to prevent criminals from hacking its i Cloud service.

The company stopped people from guessing passwords again and again by putting an end to “brute force” attacks.

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When researchers uncover an exploit in a software, they usually report privately to the vulnerable company to prevent widespread use by hackers.The i Dict script must be hosted on your hosting or localhost using Xampp server.


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