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The #Me Too wave exposing sexual misconduct which began in Hollywood has shaken artistic, media and political circles in Sweden, one of the most gender equal countries in the world, as thousands of women have spoken up and campaigned against harassment.

Sweden’s prestigious literary scene was drawn into the fray on Tuesday when newspaper of reference Dagens Nyheter published the testimony of 18 women claiming to have been assaulted or raped by one of the most influential figures in Stockholm’s cultural scene.

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Married to a writer with “close links to the Swedish Academy”, the man runs a cultural club showcasing exhibitions, readings and performances by both the cultural elite and hopefuls -- including Nobel literature laureates -- and dubbed by some as “the Academy’s living room”. ‘Everyone has always known’ The alleged sexual assaults occurred between 19, some of them in the club’s premises, according to Dagens Nyheter.If that last word applies to you, you’ll want to check out our 15 Best Sex Chat Rooms — that are also 100% free.To help you make your decision, we’ve broken up our list by categories, so click the links below to jump to the section that’s most relevant to your wants and needs.The prominent institution said it would launch an internal inquiry to find out if the man “has had any direct or indirect influence on the Academy’s prizes, scholarships, and fundings of any kind”.


Culture Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke said she regretted honouring him with the 2015 Order of The Polar Star, awarded to members of the Swedish royal family and foreigners for services to Sweden.

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