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Each pack contains 7 sachets; each sachet contains about 1 tablespoon of baking powder. This sugar is flavored with natural extract of vanilla. These fool-proof mixes range from vanilla and chocolate flan, to flan pâtissier, to crème brûlée, to pastry cream, the thick, rich custard used in virtually all of those beautiful creations that you see on display in the patisserie: éclairs, Napoléons, choux, and fruit tarts.Alsa · Baking powder, pack of 8 sachets · 8x11g (7x0.39 oz) · .00 · To order Alsa · Vanilla sugar, pack of 12 sachets · 12x7.5g (12x0.26 oz) · .00 · To order Alsa · Vanilla flan mix · 192g (6.8 oz) · .60 · To order Alsa · Chocolate flan mix · 192g (6.8 oz) · .00 · To order Alsa · Flan pâtissier · 720g (1.6 Lb) · .20 · To order Alsa · Crème brulée mix · 196g (6.9 oz) · .20 · Available Date Unknown.Amora · Savora condiment · 385g (13.6 oz) · .00 · To order Mayonnaise de Dijon. Egg yolk, mustard, vinegar, salt, pepper, and oil: with the right touch and a bit of luck, these simple ingredients are transformed into a sublimely silky sauce to accompany eggs, fish, vegetables, or cold meat.


Use it to accompany cold meats, fish, and vegetables.Each valley developed its own special forms and recipes, which were communicated from valley to valley in the summertime by the alpages.The most famous of Savoyard pastas are crozets, little squares of pasta.Abeille Diligente · Gingerbread 57% honey · 300g (10.6 oz) · .00 · To order Abeille Diligente · Nonnettes · 200g (7 oz) · .90 · To order .95 · To order Abeille Diligente · Violet honey candies · 130g (4.6 oz) · .30 · To order Abeille Diligente · Orange lemon honey candies · 150g (5.3 oz) · .30 · To order Abeille Diligente · Berlingot honey candies · 170g (6 oz) · .90 · To order Crozets Buckwheat Pasta.

Pastas have a rich history in the Savoy, that Alpine region so close to the Italian Piedmont.In the 17th century, when the candy was manufactured by Ursuline sisters, six months were needed to add and dry the successive coats of sugar.



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