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I was delighted when the next day, I had an email in my mailbox on the site from Carl.He required that I tell him more about ourselves, particularly what turned us on, and to submit several pictures of us both.After a few sessions with Connie, Ashley became totally devoted and began staying over at Connie's apartment.Connie enjoyed Ashley but was in a serious relationship with Sandy who lived in Atlanta.The four of us hit it off as if we were old friends as Carl ordered us a couple of bottles of expensive red wine to go with our meals.While both of us guys enjoyed the steak, my wife and Wanda had the Blackened Tuna.Laura and I got married shortly after she graduated and we decided to make our home in Raleigh.The first few years of marriage was great but we knew we both enjoyed a little variety in our lovemaking and we tried experimenting with threesomes and swapping with other couples that we met in clubs.

I was a little surprised when I found out they too lived in Raleigh and they listed Greensboro on the internet for some degree of privacy.

After polishing off the second bottle of wine, Carl ordered another bottle for us but switched to a scotch for himself.


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