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As Australia celebrates a pivotal day in history for same-sex marriage and with its Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announcing for the bill to be legalised before Christmas, some LGBT Malaysians can only ‘wish’ for that day to come – while others, unsurprisingly express their disgust over the news.

Recently, social media was abuzz after a Malaysian LGBT couple’s wedding proposal went viral online.

"For a single guy with all expenses paid, you will have enough $$ to enjoy life and save with RM 7,500," added another expat.

One expat cautioned, "international schools are expensive (compared to the low cost of living here) so you should ask your company to pay the cost." Visit Numbeo, for more information on the cost of living in Malaysia.

KL [Kuala Lumpur] is the capital city of Malaysia, hence the cost of living in KL would be comparatively higher than other states in Malaysia. Do take the time to visit these places before deciding where you would like to spend your retired life," recommended one expat in Malaysia.

"My wife and I moved to Malaysia from US in late May and we love it here.

We first looked at KL and the surrounding area for everything including housing, but we ended up moving to Penang Island which is about 5 hours north of KL.



Where you choose to live makes a big difference in lifestyle as well.Another said, "I first met my wife here in the US and I let her drive - scared the hell out of me. Motorcyclists attempt to circumvent traffic blockage by weaving in and out of traffic, temporarily using vacant oncoming traffic lanes, and running through red lights.


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