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Apparently, Michael Beck deleted his Twitter account because Team Twirl came for him. The long and the short of it is that Kenya has been attacked like never before for season ten.

Prior to doing that, he responded the question, “Did Kenya quit or get fired? Since the very beginning of filming Kim Biermann has had to change her storyline from “Kenya can’t get a man” to “Kenya’s marriage is fake.” It’s just been downright ugly and relentless.

Instead she will continue her quest to trash Kenya more all over social media. I thought it was Kim but it was actually Marlo over things said at her tea party you will see on season ten. And this is why I am saying that it is her last season. It’s a contract violation to threaten to sue another cast member and to come after the Bravo execs.

Also Wednesday, Nene posted this before Bravo made her take it down. So you would think that would be Nene supporting Kenya in the situation. She and Porsha and Sheree were lobbying Bravo execs behind the scenes to get Kim on the trip instead of Kenya. It’s a contract violation to refuse to film with certain people.

I figured she would be screaming it from the mountaintops.

But that was not the plan and I put her in a bad situation.

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Kim posted on IG that even though she was packed to go she decided not to because she had “choices.” Bitch, you do not, Kenya made this choice for you.

So when it seemed like her foursome was having too much fun in San Francisco, they called in Marlo to cause conflict between the two groups. Kenya had no plan to discuss her marriage on the show.


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