Linux nis not updating map make

There are a number of commands in Solaris that you can use to obtain information from and about the NIS database.

You can also use these commands to test the functionality of the NIS service.

If the above commands do not make it clear what your problem is, you might want to consult the NIS files.

If a NIS server is doing something incorrect during map distribution, you should look at the /var/yp/Makefile on the NIS server.

Q: Why does 'ypinit -s' crash with the following error, when trying to initialize a slave: "ypxfr(get_misc_recs) RPC call to failed: RPC: Timed out." A: ypxfrd is not running on the NIS master server.

Try following the procedure in Section 3.2 precisely.

It is always best to just run 'make' and let the processes make and distribute whatever maps have changed.

Running make source-file may not update all maps that require changes.

If that does not work, you may be on a different subnet than your master, and need to initialize ypbind per the instructions in Section 3.6.

We have also seen the error corrected by specifying the hostname of the master server instead of the IP address.

Sun OS NIS clients, once bound to a NIS domain, will continue to use NIS and will not look at their local files for any lookups.


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