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In the keynote address, longtime editor of Vermont Life, author and VPR commentator, Tom Slayton, praised the combined work of Jane Beck and Susanne Rappaport noting that they did, “important work that will help keep Vermont vital and distinctive.” He pointed out that, “What makes Vermont vital and distinctive …is that it is a place where nature flourishes.” Ever the consummate storyteller, Slayton then shared a few of his favorites with those gathered and concluded that …Founded by Beck in 1983, the Center is dedicated to documenting Vermont’s unique culture.Jane has dedicated her life to documenting Vermont’s distinctive heritage, recording and archiving more than 4,000 interviews with Vermonters of all backgrounds.Bongartz will explore that incongruity and focus on how Lincoln’s thinking about both slavery and the place of blacks in American society changed over the course of his lifetime, with important events such as the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, getting to know and respect Frederick Douglas and the valor of black troops in the Civil War, serving as catalysts.Bongartz will suggest a progression through which Lincoln eventually began to line up his disdain for slavery with the reality of blacks being fully entitled to the same rights and privileges afforded whites.a great beacon of light and hope to millions of Negro slaves, who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice.” It then was, and now is, widely known that Lincoln hated slavery from the time he began to form his own thoughts as a young man and it was Lincoln who brought about the end of slavery.

All participants will go home with a jar of tomato sauce. To register call Stephanie at 802.367.7960 or email [email protected]

The Green Mountain State’s folk artists are recognized and celebrated through oral histories and exhibits at the Center, a special place also known for the outstanding public education, research and archival services it provides to the state and its people.


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