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Doing so bypasses the dictates of your will, and the assets will be quickly paid directly to the beneficiary upon receipt of a death certificate.

For the surviving partner, access to ready cash for living expenses can be critical.

Assets without a beneficiary designation must go through the delays and expenses of probate (the legal process by which a deceased person's final affairs are settled). Potential Pitfall: According to Met Life's "Still Out, Still Aging" study, the majority of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender boomers (57 percent of the surveyed participants) are relying on Medicare to pay for their personal long-term care needs, even though neither Medicare nor health insurance benefits typically cover long-term care costs.

Adding a beneficiary also reduces the possibility that someone could override your wishes, since it generally cannot be contested. Would the prospect of your or your partner's prolonged illness leave your finances or housing vulnerable?

Develop a list of expenses that you incur as a couple. If one of you dies, what debts would remain for the survivor to pay off? If there are not enough assets, think about buying life insurance to cover a shortfall. Will your assets flow to your partner upon your death, and vice versa, exactly as you intend?

Doing such an analysis, just the two of you together, can feel overwhelming — so for practical guidance, consider consulting a financial adviser who has experience working with same-sex couples. Smart Step: Review and update your estate documents.

In the movie A Single Man, a gay man faces sudden emotional devastation after his partner is killed in an automobile accident.



Assets that have beneficiary designations, such as retirement plans and life insurance, do not follow the directions of your will.Instead, when you die, whoever is the beneficiary of record receives the proceeds, regardless of what is written in your will.In February 2011, the Justice Department announced that it would stop defending Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in lawsuits related to federal recognition of same-sex marriages.What's left over is considered your estate, and if you want it to go to your loved one upon your death, you have to make specific decisions and plans.

Items in your estate that don't have beneficiary designations or are titled as "joint tenants with rights of survivorship" will flow through your will.Smart Step: Evaluate your need for long-term care insurance.



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