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In contrast, China performs 15 UNESCO designations (inclusive of all UNESCO lists) every 5 years.

The Heritage Conservation Society said in 2013 that the world heritage committee (WHC) membership of the Philippines, which will be from 2013 to 2017, will serve as "preparation time" for future nominations as the government and numerous NGO's are finalizing nomination dossiers of the country for 2018 onward.

Of those six sites, three are cultural and three natural.

The first 5 sites inscribed in the UNESCO Heritage List was initiated by ICOMOS Philippines, an non-profit heritage organization, which partnered with the UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines.

In November 2017, the Philippines was elected as a member of the Executive Board of UNESCO.

The Republic of the Philippines won mandates to the World Heritage Committee twice, serving the term 1991-19-2017.

In 2015, the 28 sites in the 'Tentative List' were revised.

Currently, the Tentative List for possible nomination in the future contains nineteen submissions.



Its first committee membership also brought the first site declaration in the country and the most site declarations in a given time frame.A bill, establishing a Department of Culture, is still pending at both houses of Philippine Congress.The bill is backed by all cultural agencies of government, however, it was shaken from the original timeline due to political tensions during the death penalty debates and voting in late 2016.It became a committee member again from 2011 up to 2017, where only 1 site for the country was declared.

The state did not participate heavily in the nomination of its own sites in its second term due to the intention of the government to act as a 'neutral' committee member and to use the time between 2013-2017 as prepration for future nominations, according to the Heritage Conservation Society.

It has also won the mandate to the Intergovernmental Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage once, serving the term 2017-2020. The UNESCO Memory of the World Register began in 1993, with its first inscription in 1997.


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