Is shannon elizabeth and derek hough dating

Caption: Shannon Elizabeth with ex-husband Joe Reitman at the 10th Annual ESPY Awards.

No matter how much love they shared, their relationship apparently came to an end.

Derek says his parents' split was "an absolute pivotal moment for me. It was kind of a big deal to us, on top of it already being a big deal because of the (Mormon) community. For a short period of time I went off and was skipping school and getting into trouble. "We had a very strong sense of where we were going and goals.

And doing the stereotypical child acting-out type of thing."So he (and sister Julianne) moved to England to live with dance pros Shirley and Corky Ballas, parents of Derek's fellow DWTS pro and best friend, Mark Ballas. Shirley was there driving us every single day and making sure we were going to practice, and she was at practice with us.

But now, he says, it's not an intimate thing, despite what it looks like."I think you might assume that if you're dancing with somebody very close and all over them, and know their body inside and out, that there has to be some sort of sexual, sensual follow-up, but honestly it's not always the case." He says, "I guess it's like acting.

You act a scene with somebody, a love scene, and then go home. I just need to chop them off and start over."Leading Lesson: Be real.

If you start out lying, it can cause disastrous results."Leading lesson: Figure out your passion and everything else will fall into place.

Each season we see DWTS celebs and pros rub and shimmy against each other in passionate dance moves.


USA TODAY caught up with the 29-year-old at a recent stop on his just-wrapped Move Live on Tour.However, Shannon and Derek’s relationship only lasted a couple of months as they split in August 2009.


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